Tethering: LG Electronics E610 Optimus L5 on Linux

For those who prefer tethering to turning the smartphone into a wifi hotspot, here are the steps for the optimus L5, which is a bit quirky in that regard. Tested with AVLinux and Debian Wheezy (-> systemd allergy here, so no new distros tested, but there shouldn’t be problems)

  • prerequisites: a data plan for the smartphone; in connectivity settings the option “ask me every time a new usb connection is made”, or similar phrase, must be enabled; usb-micro -> usb cable, one should have been supplied with the phone; on the PC if you don’t have a network manager set up an interface called usb0 (if you don’t have it on wheezy, as root, echo “iface usb0 inet dhcp” >> /etc/network/interfaces does the trick)
  • connect the smartphone to your pc using the cable;
  • a warning comes up about the possible extra charges related to data connections, acknowledge it clicking OK
  • the phone apparently hangs with “connecting”, a notification which speaks about “installer” become briefly visible at the top of display; we are not using windows, so that’s not useful for us, and the interface is not yet visible on linux; press the back button (bottom left of the screen, lights up when you touch around there) to exit that mode;
  • a new brief notification on top of the display tells us tethering is now enabled;
  • now either enable the new connection with the network manager or, in wheezy, use a terminal as root, type ifup usb0.

To disconnect cleanly:

  • use the network manager to disconnect or in the terminal as root ifdown usb0 ;
  • disconnect the phone.

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